Clay Woods
IN MEMORY - May 28, 2019
This reunion has got to be a hoax! I realize that W-L was not a one-room school house, but all of these people were not part of the class of 60. I've looked through all of the pictures and only recognize a few. Either I was extremely unpopular or my memory is rapidly deteriorating. And what's with all of these missing students, maybe some worked for the CIA. Seriously though, I'm looking forward to meeting all of my "new" classmates, even though at our age, I probably won't recognize many of you.

I'm a real homer: stayed in Arlington; long time married to local girl; both of my kids went to W-L, married, and are living in Arlington; there are six soccer crazy grandsons, four of whom attend Nottingham Elementary (I keep asking myself why didn't W-L have a soccer team for us little guys.) I'm retired from the U.S. Commerce Dept., where I analyzed the computer industry from the time when most people didn't know what a PC was. Today, of source, PC has a different meaning. I am now a recovering retiree-real busy, but still little travel. The only gliche has been that the home I grew up in was torn down to make way for one of those Arlington McMansions.

For you out-of-towners, Arlington still looks pretty much the same, except with a lot of new people, buildings and cars. Traffic-don't mention the word! Remember Tops Drive-in, there is no way you could circle cars there today. And, by the way, DC sports teams are still crappy.

Since my name is at the end of the list, few of you will read my comments, but what the heck, let's all sing "W-L will shine tonight," which it will at least in October.