Sally Burt (Larson)
It is now 54 years past graduation, and I am enjoying life in Lincoln, where I have lived most of the time since high school graduation. I attended the University of Nebraska and taught high school English for two years while my husband was in law school. After a two year stint with the SEC in D.C., we moved back to Lincoln where we raised six boys. I was actively involved in volunteer work during that time, and when I was divorced in 1995, I returned to full-time teaching at Pius X High School where I taught until I was seventy. I still substitute teach, am in a writing group, facilitate writing workshops for teachers through the Nebraska Writing Project, enjoy reading, and attending all of the events of my grandchildren. One of my sons lives in Lincoln, four in Omaha and one in the Chicago suburbs. Two are orthopaedic doctors, one is an anesthesiologist, one stockbroker, one president of an election software company and one as the director of a non-profit foundation. I have 21 outstanding grandchildren that range in age from almost 25 to 10 months. I have been blessed in many ways. I have enjoyed reading about many classmates, and sorry that I couldn't attend the reunion.
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