Katherine Evans (Chao)
I live in a house filled with pianos and singing canaries. My (second) husband, George Evans, restores pianos ( We both still play (I got started in classical and he was a crazy keyboard player in a rock and roll band). After a professional life in the intense world of biotech start-ups, managing global drug development and clinical trial management, I am happy to have it put aside--it was in the heyday of genetic engineering, a time when the industry heralded promise of breakthroughs, rather than the kind of foreboding as it does today. I still remember getting Drink-A-Plentys and french fries after school with my friends from Swanson Jr. High (remember that strange science teacher who brought in the dead cats???) and the wonderful friends who got together to drink cherry cokes and play BRIDGE together, of all things--although there was some making out too. Anyhow--this was an extraordinary class--and I have been pleasantly astonished by how many faces that I still recognize--some, sadly, without email addresses. Where are you, Rachel Ziemer and Jo Ellen Lippy? Please write to me if you read this! Life is good now that there is time for us to be ourselves without all the other strivings that our culture puts us through. Thanks for reading this--and hope all is well with you.