Margaret Frye (Skillman)
Ed and I celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary on Dec 12, 2014. We lived in Vienna for 40 years where we raised 3 wonderful sons. We built a new house the Spring after our 50th reunion and moved to Haymarket, VA in November 2011. We live in Regency at Dominion Valley (a 55+ Retirement Community). It's like we have a new life and are enjoying every minute of it. We have a very "social" neighborhood. Ed has taken up golf and we both are on the Regency bowling league plus we both belong to several clubs. Life could not be better. We enjoy being with family and our 5 grandchildren and all their activities as they are all in this area. I went to work in 1985 as a bookkeeper for a dentist friend in Vienna. I was only going to work for 5 years, but 22+ years later I finally retired. I was bookkeeper as well as office manager for the dental practice. As a side job I managed two commercial office buildings owned by the dentist. I have been fully retired for a few years. Ed says he didn't retire, he just quit working! We began traveling in 2005 beginning with a trip to Hawaii. We have been some wonderful places. This winter (2015) we spent a month in Florida to escape some of the cold weather. My hobbies include reading, knitting, crocheting, gardening. We look forward to seeing all our old friends!
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