Mary Clark (Osterhaus)
Looking forward to my first reunion since I graduated!
Am still a musician -- Director of Instrumental Music at Fourth Presbyterian Church in Bethesda Maryland and 41-year veteran ringer of the tower bells (English change ringing) at Washington National Cathedral and the Old Post Office tower. Travelling is still in my blood: USA, Canada, UK, Peru, Ecuador, Western & Eastern Europe, India. Most of my travel in UK is for the purpose of ringing the tower bells of the cathedrals and parish churches. India is the original home of our son-in-law Amar, and where Part 2 of their wedding took place in 2006 -- a 4-day affair that included Amar's ride to the ceremony on a well-decorated elephant and our daughter Allison wearing seven gorgeous custom-made saris at various events. Now that they live in NYC we happily visit as many times a year as we can get out of work to do so. The picture was taken on a mountain east of Stuttgart, Germany where we attended Amar's twin brother's wedding in summer 2009. Amar as best man was, unfortunately, involved in wedding prep, so we didn't get him in the picture.
Husband Joe is a retired teacher who works for US Customs and has ridden his bike to work every day since 1990. We are thankful for nearly 37 years of marriage and a happy family.