Sandra (Sandy) Newman (Tolbert)
What a thrill to reach the 50th anniversary of our W-L graduation! Looking through the photos on this web site inspires me to reminisce about my high school experience, trying to remember how I came to know so many of you. Was it a class together, the W-L orchestra, or a club activity?

Retirement life has opened new worlds for me. It has given me freedom to realize old ambitions and create some new ones. Today I am living in a different State, married for the second time, and enjoying our four horses and two cats! We ride as often as possible and enjoy camping trips with horses. The photo here was taken last year while my pony, Bob, and I were competing in a judged pleasure ride.

I look forward to our Reunion to renew old acquaintances and make some new ones. Some of you I remember from elementary (Woodlawn) and junior high (Swanson) school. Others I got to know better at college (William & Mary). Some of us crossed paths through work in DC. My career spanned many years in the hometown industry. It will be such a pleasure to return to the area next October.
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