Mary Smith
Well, I never answer to "Mary" these days; only MaryEvelyn or Evie. I have lived in Idaho for over 41 years. Spent two years in Staunton at the VA School for the Blind (white kids only at that time). Then I went to England and was a "games mistress" at Chatteris Secondary Modern School (about 20 miles from Cambridge). I enjoyed my 7 months in Great Britain and another 4 months or so traveling around the continent mostly northern Europe. After returning from Europe I worked as a typist and took flying lessons. Never finished the lessons because I became pregnant and felt very stupid. So I moved west and found a nice little town called Boise (pronounced Boy-See) with a population of about. 40,000. The baby boy was placed with an adoptive family and I found work at the Idaho Commission for the Blind teaching and counseling, primarily at the Assessment and Training Center here in Boise. Since my time here I came to grips with being a Lesbian. I am out and happy and enjoying my retirement. Occasionally I travel to other western states. Two years ago was fortunate to spend two weeks in Wiesbaden, Germany. Wish I could make the reunion, but retirement income is not as good as working pay. I wish the best for all my classmates, Evie
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