Jon Nystrom
I graduated from the University of Virginia and then joined the Army thanks to the Arlington draft board. I went through OCS and became an armored officer.
In 1969, I joined First Virginia Bank in Falls Church. The company sent me to Williamsburg, Virginia in 1983 as Chairman, President and CEO of one of their member banks, Leaving northern Virginia was the best move of my life. I retired from First Virginia in 2003 and then started a new bank in Newport News, VA. I served as CEO until my second retirement in 2007.
I married in 1966 and have a wonderful daughter, son and two grand daughters. All of them reside in Williamsburg. After a divorce in 1995, I married Jo Ann in 1997 and life has been great ever since. My health is good (one heart attack), although my daughter is fighting breast cancer at 40 years old.
I am looking forward to meeting old friends. It is great we are able to put a current picture on the web site so at the reunion we wiil not be surprised about our subtle changes over all these years. Jon