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View profile »Sandra (Sandy) Newman (Tolbert)
Southern Pines, NC
What a thrill to reach the 50th anniversary of our W-L graduation! Looking through the photos on this web site inspires me to reminisce about my high school experience, trying to remember how I came to know so many of you. Was it a class together, the W-… more »
View profile »Ann Barton (Tomlinson)
Virginia Beach, VA
After graduating from W-L, I attended William & Mary, along with at least 25 others from our class. Four of us also joined Pi Beta Phi there. During the summers, I started dating Tommy Barton (Class of '59) and we married in 1964 after I graduated.
T… more »
View profile »Nancy Gencarilli (Tower)
View profile »Carol Boyer (Troutman)
Murrells Inlet, SC
When I found this site I spent one whole afternoon getting brought smiles and tears. Sad to see how many of our classmates have passed away. At first I was reluctant to sign on because I didn't go to college or have any degrees but I h… more »
View profile »Natalie Philippon (Tulloch)
IN MEMORY - December 8, 2016
Here I am with Jacques (my mom referred to hm as the Ben Casey of Paris) on a bridge outside our country home in the center of France. How I got here from Arlington is a tale of unplanned fateful encounters; After a BA from M… more »
View profile »Marianne Triplette (Tureki)
Centerville, MA
View profile »Claudette Thompson (Turner)
Free Union, VA
View profile »William (Bill) Turner
Williamsburg, VA
50 years represents a lot of respect goes to you, the survivors!
View profile »Gerald (Jerry) Tyson
Washington, DC
View profile »Mary Matsuda (Ulman)
Apple Valley, CA
View profile »Kay Knight (Updegraff)
Woodbridge, VA
I was so sorry not to have been able to attend the 50th Reunion, but my daughter recently moved back home from Texas in early September after having lived there for 20 years, and my son's wedding was on September 19th. Unfortunately, there was just too m… more »
IN MEMORY - March 24, 2012
View profile »Charles (Chuck) Veatch
Reston, VA
View profile »Marie Murtaugh (Vermandois)
Berryville, VA
View profile »Ann Picardo (Verner)
Pottersville, NJ
After leaving W-L, I attended Duke for two years, took a year off and then transferred to Columbia from which I graduated in 1965. Meanwhile I married a bad boy whose credentials I had been programmed to value (Princeton, Columbia MBA, fast car, cool apa… more »
View profile »Kathleen (Kathie) Waddell
Glendale, AZ
View profile »Andrew (Drew) Walker
Winter Garden, FL
View profile »Richard (Dick) Walters
Roanoke, VA
View profile »Marilyn Taylor (Walz)
Arlington, VA
IN MEMORY - May 3, 2021
Culpepper, VA
View profile »Frances Staub (Wasielewski)
IN MEMORY - 1988
Reston, VA
View profile »Linda (Jeanne) Watson
Arlington, VA
Arlington, VA
View profile »Maysel Feagnes (Weaver)
IN MEMORY - December 1, 1994
Lawrence, KS
Littleton, CO
IN MEMORY - April 30, 2020
I came to Arlington in the 3rd grade at Woodlawn and stayed in the county schools through 8th grade at Swanson. From the 9th through the 11th grades I went to St. Stephens in Alexandria. Then I came back to graduate from W-L my… more »
View profile »George (Geordie) Weeden
IN MEMORY - January 1990