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Huntsville, AL
I have been interested in aircraft and rockets since I was five years old; so, less than two weeks after graduation from W-L, I enrolled in the School of Aeronautical Engineering at Georgia Tech. I eventually earned a doctorate in aerospace engineering an… more »
Oconomowoc, WI
Very sorry we are unable to attend. We had booked two weeks in East Africa and we'll get back into the States too late for the reunion.

Picked up 3 degrees on the way to real work, Duke undergrad, a chemistry PhM from GW and law degree from Washington … more »
IN MEMORY - September 10, 2021

I'm really looking forward to seeing the guys---Jack, Richard, Carl, Ed, Bob, and all.
It was a Great Reunion Weekend 8 to 10 October! When I started talking with my W-L friends-/ we started where we had left … more »
Annandale, VA
IN MEMORY - July 11, 2011
View profile »Joseph (Martin) Costello
Durham, NC
New York, NY
View profile »Jean Ryder (Cowherd)
IN MEMORY - January 11, 2015 - After graduation from Washington-Lee, my life has been pretty much what we would all call a "regular" rollercoaster with ups and downs along the way. I graduated from East Carolina University, then was a high school teacher… more »
IN MEMORY - May 28, 2008
Thomas Earle Cox III ("TOM" ) passed away peacefully after a heart attack while awaiting by-pass surgery, May 28, 2008. Tom was born in Atlanta, Georgia but as a military dependent, he lived all over the world including Yokohama… more »
IN MEMORY - May 24, 1999
Lottsburg, VA
Looking forward to seeing everyone! I took an early retirement from "corporate life" at 55 and my wife Jen and I moved from Loudoun County down to the Northern Neck of Virginia. After about 5 years of leisure, I discovered you can only fish, play golf, c… more »
San Bernardino, CA
Lighthouse Point, FL
Hello to all. Some of my fondest memories are of my years at W-L. I loved seeing the 50th and 55th pictures and wish that I could have been there. I graduated from Ga. Tech and worked for IBM mostly in sales and management until 1997, then a couple of othe… more »
View profile »Francis (Frank) Crown
View profile »Anna Foy (Cunningham)
Virginia Beach, VA
View profile »Sandra Reigelman (Dail)
Danville, KY
View profile »Mary North (Dalrymple)
View profile »Marilyn Neidhart (Dankers)
Leonardtown, MD
If our reunion is half as much fun as perusing these pictures and profiles, I can't wait! After graduating from W-L I spent my freshman year of college at Madison College (now JMU) in Va. I transferred to Penn State as a sophomore and graduated with a de… more »
View profile »Marie Henry (Dauphin)
Venice, FL
Here is your login info planning 55th. Probably Sept 25-26, 2015. Hope to see you then.

Lynne and Mary Ann
View profile »Marie Henry (Dauphin)
Lake Frederick, VA
I am sem-retired Jazz vocalist,performed in the Metro area and also in Florida with the Ellington Band members out of Tampa. Developed a wonderful reputation as a singer for 40+ yrs, .I also worked in the medical field as assistant practice manager,and p… more »
View profile »Wilbur (Pete) Davidson
Arlington, VA
After graduation in 1960, like so many of our classmates, I attended The College of William and Mary, where I earned a degree in History.

I was honored with an exchange scholarship to the University of Exeter in Exeter, Devon, England, where I did post-… more »
View profile »Constance (Connie) Davis
View profile »Jefferson (Jeff) Davis
View profile »Judith Johnson (Davis)
Charleston, SC
View profile »Patricia Elliott (Davis)
Wilmington, DE
After graduation from W-L I attended Madison College (before it became JMU). Lynn Zirkle and Nancy Hitch were on my hall in Cleveland Dorm. In 1964 I married Bill Elliott from Wakefield's Class of 1960. We dated thru high school and married in 1967 whil… more »
View profile »Peggy Ulrich (Davis)
Kalamazoo, MI