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View profile »Frances Blanchard (Elkin)
Vienna, VA
View profile »Linda Leonard (Ellis)
Centerville, VA
View profile »Frances Goldscheider (Engeman)
Washington, DC
I married after freshman year at Radcliffe and had Sarah. Went back to Radcliffe for another year, then we moved to Penn. We stayed 5 years; I managed to make it thru prelims. Janet was born just before prelims, so that's my 2.
Got a job teaching at … more »
Phoenix, AZ
Good grief. Has it really been fifty years since I left my top down during commencement ceremonies? Some days seem to last forever while the years speed by. I have been married twice, fired once, laid off once, led my softball league in batting and HRs,… more »
Champaign, IL
[Remarks from the reunion dinner.]

With thanks for the splendid work of the organizers, I'm delighted to welcome you to this event - and to the end of the first decade of the 21st century - over the salad course...

In Edward de Vere's play Antony & C… more »
Lubbock, TX
Findlay, OH
IN MEMORY - December 14, 2010
View profile »Virginia (Ginger) Williams (Ewers)
Melbourne Beach, FL
View profile »Mary Magnuson (Fanelli)
Arlington, VA
View profile »Marlene Bingaman (Fatkin)
Great Falls, VA
View profile »Julie Stephenson (Faulkner)
IN MEMORY - March 3, 2009
View profile »Janet Kappauf (Fearson)
Longs, SC
View profile »Elizabeth (Betsy) Pettit (Fields)
Grand Lake, CO
Beaverton, OR
Virginia Beach, VA
In February 1960, my mother moved our family from Arlington to Norfolk because of a death in the family. I stayed in Arlington to finish my senior year at Washington-Lee. I am glad I did. I moved to Norfolk that summer, I attended William and Mary Techn… more »
Warrenton, VA
Clarksburg, MD
Jeane and I have been married for 45 years. We have two children and four grandchildren. I retired from the Army in 1986 after more than 21 years of active service. In 2005 I retired from government contracting after 19 1/2 years. I currently do some p… more »
N. Venice, FL
Started out by graduating from the University of Miami (before they had a good football team) and met my wife, Martha, of 46 years now. Have three daughters, Weatherly, Michelle and Peyton. Only three grandkids (!@$%&^). Was a Navy Carrier Pilot, flying co… more »
View profile »Carol Sperry (Forsythe)
Punta Gorda, FL