Natalie Philippon (Tulloch)
IN MEMORY - December 8, 2016
Here I am with Jacques (my mom referred to hm as the Ben Casey of Paris) on a bridge outside our country home in the center of France. How I got here from Arlington is a tale of unplanned fateful encounters; After a BA from Mary Washington I finished the course work for an MA,, but was diverted by a summer school prof's idea that I try out for one of the four slots at NIH to do an MS equivalent in medical journalism. Jacques was on a year post-doctoral Fulbright at NIH doing experimental research in epilepsy and I eventually was lured to France to 'see if I liked it'. After three years as director of the American section of an international lycee, I moved on to work with an intergovernmental body at UNESCO and spent a marvelous 30 years convinced that we were saving the oceans, or at least making a substantial contribution. I ended up being particularly involved in the coordination of ocean activities within the UN System and feel so fortunate to have had a professional career that gave incredible personal satistaction.
As you may have guessed, Jacques is a neurosurgeon and, since retired, lets me share with the Academy of Medicine. One daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren in San Francisco, second daughter just back in France after 10 years in DC and London and son and wife in Paris with third grandchild..
Now, guys and dolls, I am so disappointed not to be with you this weekend: my doctors have maintained a 'no-fly' order, just for the moment. I do hope that we can keep these links going that a 50th reunion gets started. Anyone have any great ideas? I'm sending an old photo to our devpted organizers in hopes that others would do likewise at some stage.

Best regards to all and do keep in touch.

IN MEMORY - 12-8-16