Kay Knight (Updegraff)
I was so sorry not to have been able to attend the 50th Reunion, but my daughter recently moved back home from Texas in early September after having lived there for 20 years, and my son's wedding was on September 19th. Unfortunately, there was just too much going on in my life at once.

After attending college locally, I worked for several years for Washington Gas, left for a short period after the birth of my son, then left permanently after the birth of my daughter in 1971. We moved to Woodbridge, Virginia, the year after my daughter was born, and while I was not working outside of the home, I was active in my community and also wrote a weekly column for the Woodbridge newspaper, The Potomac News.

My husband and I divorced in 1980, and I returned to work as a paralegal for a law firm in Annandale, Virginia. I am still there and still enjoy the challenging work we do there.

I'm sorry to have missed seeing all of you, but hope to hear from anyone who would like to contact me. Maybe I'll see you at our 60th Reunion!

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