Carolyn Rice (Pinion)
I am really looking forward to reconnecting with old friends. After W-L I received a nursing degree from UNC-CH and began public health nursing at the Fairfax County Health Department. I married Scott Elkins ('58) and we had one daughter who lives in Denver. After our divorce I went back to NC for grad school and worked in public health nursing administration in Fairfax County until moving to Denver in '81. In '82 I moved to the mountains west of Colorado Springs and started a rural hospice and home care program that turned into quite an adventure (and a book in progress). There I met my present husband Budd Rice. Growing weary of winters at 9,000 feet, we escaped to Hawaii in '87, where I taught nursing on Kauai and Maui and directed Kauai's public health nursing service. We now live in the Colorado Rockies about two hrs. west of Colorado Springs where we pursue outdoor activities, are active in our church, and at long last, I have my art career that was on hold for many years.