Patricia Elliott (Davis)
After graduation from W-L I attended Madison College (before it became JMU). Lynn Zirkle and Nancy Hitch were on my hall in Cleveland Dorm. In 1964 I married Bill Elliott from Wakefield's Class of 1960. We dated thru high school and married in 1967 while he was still at Georgia Tech. After a tour in the USAF we moved to Wilmington, DE where Bill worked for DuPont. We had 3 children, a girl and two boys. Bill passed on unexpectedly in 1986. I went to work at Winterthur Museum, a home of Henry Francis duPont and took early retirement in 2005.

My oldest brother, Tom Davis, went to Cherrydale Elementary and later graduated from the US Senate Page School. Following service as a county commissioner for Fairfax County he became the US Congressman from his Virginia district for several terms.

I still live in Wilmington, DE and whenever I visit the DC area I drive by W-L and my former homes there.
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