Martha Golub (Bardsley)
So much has happened in the past 50 years. Today, I am happily married to my second husband of 13 years and live in the Seattle area where we love going to the symphony, ballet and opera. We enjoy biking, hiking, reading, traveling, volunteering, finding the next great restaurant, and happily working in my gardens. Everything I put in the ground here grows big and tall. I actually enjoy gardening so much that I will be working toward a Master Gardener certification this winter.

I retired in 2004 after 31 years in education, first teaching high school English before I moved into an administrative position in curriculum and professional development in my school district. After meeting my second husband, I accepted a position at the University of South Florida where I worked for the Florida Department of Education as the director of a teacher professional development center. Each of the three stages of my career was both challenging and rewarding.

During twelve years of my first marriage, I had three children, one son and two daughters, who are now married and enjoying their own careers and families. Their children, my 6 grandchildren, keep me very busy flying coast to coast for frequent visits as 3 live in Florida and 3 live in Pennsylvania. They are the delight of my life and, of course, they are the smartest and most beautiful children I know.

Three years ago I moved my mom and dad to Seattle from our family home where I grew up in Arlington. They are now 93 and 94 years old and live in a retirement/assisted living community just a few minutes away from me. Evidently I come from strong genes and I look forward to a long and healthy future.

Obligations here will keep me from attending our 50th reunion. However, as I scroll through the pictures and profiles on the reunion website, I feel like I have had my own small reunion with each of you. Each picture brings back a memory. So I wish each of you a wonderful visit with one another filled with reminiscing and sharing stories.