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Miami, FL
Fairfax, VA
Falls Church, VA
View profile »Susan (Susie) Bicknell (Summerville)
IN MEMORY - October 9, 2011
View profile »Barbara Cowles (Sutton)
Houston, TX
IN MEMORY - April 17, 2018
Saratoga, CA
Herndon, VA
View profile »Gloria Regan (Swartz)
Santa Barbara, CA
View profile »Anne Keating (Sweatt)
Atlanta, GA
High School is a "gateway to the world" Pat Conroy says in BEACH MUSIC. If so, I raced out of the gateway at W-L High School into a life that has been a fascinating and exciting adventure.

Like many in our graduating class, I went to William & Mary Co… more »
Raleigh, NC
After W&L, I graduated from The College of William and Mary and went into marketing for a major insurance company. Fifteen years later, I switched my career to real estate. I held various managerial positions and was principal broker in seven mid-atlantic … more »
View profile »Constance (Connie) Coolick (Tassa)
Arlington, VA
IN MEMORY - 1960's
View profile »Carolyn Weitkamp (Taylor)
Port St. Lucie, FL
View profile »Robert (Bobby) Taylor
IN MEMORY - February 6, 2017
View profile »Warren( Woody) Taylor, Jr
Spotsylvania, VA
Youngstown, OH
Arlington, VA
View profile »Elizabeth (Betty) Gibbs (Thompson)
Knoxville, TN
IN MEMORY - August 2006
Arlington, VA
Springfield, VA
Columbia, MO
Washington, DC
IN MEMORY - March 14, 2015

After graduating from Wesleyan, I took a year to work in Stockholm and Paris, and then five months touring Europe and Morocco on my first motorcycle, a Honda Dream.

I returned to attend NYU law school, and became a New York… more »
IN MEMORY - July 29, 2010
Macon, GA